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Easter Candy Dilemma

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Day 415


Easter Sunday wasn't exactly traditional this year for any of us.

That doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy an Easter egg hunt at the house, leading to a drawer full of an excessive amount of candy.

Most of the time, I have a really hard time denying my sweet tooth. Especially when the sugar is plentiful in the house.

Difficult or not, I need to do a better job exercising discipline.

My waistline depends on it.

Today, I ate too much candy and too many Oreos. While I haven't gained any unwanted weight since the worldwide lock down, it isn't because I've been eating healthy. I've been aware of my calorie intake, often sacrificing a healthy meal because I consumed too many Resses, or Oreos, or a Pint of Ben and Jerry's.

So I'm going on a Sugar Fast.

That's hard to write considering the abundance of goodies we have stashed in the house, and my undying love for most things sweet. It will be a real test of self-control.

No cookies, no candy, no ice cream for the next week, at least.

It is certainly easier to accomplish feats like this when the thing I'm trying to avoid isn't readily available, but I don't really have that option right now.

However, I've discovered that when I write about something, I do a much better job at following through.

So here goes.

Wish me luck.



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