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Earn Your Leisure Time

Day 342


Earlier, I was sitting on the couch by myself watching TV. The littles are asleep, my wife decided to rest in bed because being pregnant is hard work, and Mia is at water polo practice until 9.

I was contemplating flipping over to Netflix and watching a show before picking Mia up, or dragging myself to the table to read some more of my book and get my writing done so that I can go straight to bed when we get home.

While reading, I found myself thinking about how glad I was that I made the right choice. Had I decided to watch a show, I would be kicking myself for not choosing to read and write instead. I then had to read the passage again because my mind had wandered and told myself to save those thoughts to write about later. As it stands, I am certainly not kicking myself for choosing productive over couch potato.

Often times, the right choice is the one that you don't really want to do in the moment, but it's the one you'll really be glad you made after the fact. I more often regret the decision to turn off the morning alarm and climb back into bed, and I find that when I get up with that alarm, I don't regret not going back to sleep. Largely because when I get up early, I get things done, and when I sleep in, I have more to get done than I have hours to do them.

Stop doing the things that you'll regret later, or at least get the other things done first so that your leisure time isn't regretful.

Time is too precious to waste. It is our most finite resource. If your leisure time is important to you, you'd better spend the rest of your time earning it.



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