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Drawing with Ace

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Day 346


As a coach, it sure is nice to come home to a family who doesn't care if you've won or lost the game that day. And we've done more losing than expected after our first 8 games of a 40 game season. I have no doubt that we'll get that turned around.

In the meantime, it's pretty cool how quickly and effortlessly your kids can make you feel like a winner again, even if Ace is convinced that he'll never learn how to draw a C...admittedly, the devastation in his voice when he said that was pretty sad...but he did great.

Ace and Hope came sprinting out of the garage like they usually do to hop in the car with me while I parked it, and today's frustrating result was all but forgotten. Then, we sat at the table and practiced drawing letters and connecting dots and learning how to draw a family of stick figures for almost an hour.

Being a dad is the best.

I can't wait for our new little guy to join in all the fun.



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