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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Day 370


As a kid, I had a mild case of activity induced asthma. Sometimes my hay fever would also cause a flare up. I only remember one real asthma attack that came on in the middle of the night and my mom frantically searched for an inhaler.

As I aged, I needed the inhaler less and less.

I usually had one around for special occasions, but rarely used it.

As an adult, I don't have breathing issues anymore. I spend a few minutes each day doing some focused breathing, and I have for years. I'm sure that has had a positive effect on the condition.

However, when my upper respiratory system gets invaded by whatever virus is en vogue at the moment, my asthma reminds me that it is dormant, not extinct.

My old inhaler has come in handy the last few nights. Last night, it ran out, and I was telling Sara that I needed to schedule a doctor's appointment so that I could get a new prescription, and she informed me that there was still another one under the sink.

I was quite relieved, considering how difficult it is to sleep when you can only take half breaths. I decided, for the fun of it, that I would check the expiration date to see how old it was.

The inhaler expired in that bad?

Dr. Google says it's fine...and the internet is always right...

I'm naturally skeptical about most expiration dates as it is, and my 18+ year old Albeuterol did its job perfectly.

Looks like that doctor's appointment can wait...unless somebody reading this is a doctor and has information that might change my mind.



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