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Deeper Thinking

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Day 476

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There is a cool thing about reading.

When you are having trouble thinking, you can read what somebody else thinks.

Often, you read what somebody else thinks about what somebody else thinks.

And then you can think about it for yourself.

It's a vicious cycle.

I shared David Perell's comment that yesterday:

"Writing isn't the byproduct of deep thinking.

It's where deep thinking actually happens."

I think it's great.

However, I think that it's incomplete.

Reading can breed deep thinking, too.

If you do it right.

So can walking, staring out of a window, taking a shower.

Writing is the facilitator.

And plenty of deep thinking can happen while writing.

But, it isn't the only avenue for deep thought.

I think there are many breeding grounds for deep thinking.

What writing brings to the equation is a record the for future access.

The process might help you further clarify some things.

And when you write it down, you can use it again.

When you don't write it down, it gets lost in the cloud.

I've had some groundbreaking thoughts while sitting in traffic.

Didn't write them down.

Lost in the cloud.

I might amend the initial quote.

"Writing isn't the byproduct of deep thinking"

It gives deep thinking a place to bring forth life.

I recommend writing.

But It might not be for you.

To each their own.

Thinking, however, comes even more highly recommended.

Thinking is good.

You should definitely think.

Preferably for yourself.

But if you're having trouble thinking for yourself, try reading a book.

Then you can think about what somebody else is thinking about for a while.

What do you think about that?



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