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Deep Breath

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Day 380


I got a little riled up yesterday.

This afternoon I realized that I need to take the advice I have given so freely more than a few times: Focus on what I can control.

I thought I might not be the only one who needed that reminder.

I said, yesterday, that fear and panic aren't antidotes for anything...except traffic problems in metropolitan areas...Getting all riled up about things that are out of your hands...especially traffic...never solved any problems either.

So, before I spiral off the deep end, I have decided to take a deep breath and play the hand we've been dealt...which is good considering I don't have much of a choice...but I can choose my attitude about it.

I certainly hope that the masses are wrong.

And it is within my control to act calmly and rationally, even amid chaos...although, following my own advice might be exceedingly difficult if we run into a toilet paper shortage and I can't find any in a time of need...many of us might have to ruin some old t-shirts...

Stay healthy my friends.



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