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Day of Mothers 2020

Updated: May 11, 2020

Day 440


Three years ago, On Mother's Day morning, I headed out before the rest of the family woke up, for flowers and donuts and a nice bottle of wine for my wife (nice being a relative term).

When I arrived home, Sara was waiting for me at the door to tell me that she was pregnant. We enjoyed the donuts, but the bottle of wine would have to wait. 8 months later, Hope was born.

Today, the mother of my babies is 8 months pregnant, and I won't be bringing home a bottle of wine for at least another 4 weeks.

My hope is to make her day as relaxing as possible, which is no easy task considering how pregnant she is. Considering that our family also includes children aged 2, 4, 14, and 35, that task will be easier said than done.

We'll find a way.

A Mother's sacrifice is immeasurable.

Her impact, nearly impossible to put into words.

The best I can do is say thank you.

We'd be lost without you.

One day isn't nearly enough

To show the Mother's in our lives

The appreciation they deserve.

Hopefully we can at least scratch the surface.



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