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Day 99

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


6:15 AM

6:00 AM Wake-up

I'm trying something new. Sleeping with my phone in airplane mode. That way, when I wake-up, I don't have 37 notifications to address. Also, Sara won't be kept awake by my phone buzzing all night long (never in the history of my phone have I been awakened because it buzzes...I usually sleep through notifications even when I accidentally leave the sound on...sorry about it).

I've read from multiple sources that when your first waking moments are spent getting caught up with your phone that stress and anxiety find a foothold and try to sneak in and ruin your day.

In Keep Going (Kleon), disconnection is discussed on multiple fronts. At one point, Kleon says, "Airplane mode can be a way of life."

We definitely have an addiction, and I guess it is somewhat understandable. We, quite literally, have access to the whole world at our fingertips. We no longer have to dig a hole to get to China, just grab your phone from your pocket and you can go anywhere.

The cell phone is an incredible, revolutionary, changing life as we knew it product. We've got to be careful.The world is bigger than it's ever been, and it's easy to get lost out there.

My friend David Klein has begun a new venture addressing this topic. It is called America Offline (click the link to go online to checkout America Offline...irony is funny...but seriously, it's good stuff). America Offline is an effort to help "Reconnect America through Offline Experiences" and, currently, the primary demographic is the current generation of up and coming adolescents, though people of all ages in our society could benefit from a little disconnection.

If we really want to help the next generations, we as parents, leaders, and mentors need to set a better example. Starting with me.

Spend more time in airplane mode. Be more present. Experience more of life through your own eyes and less through the lens of your camera phone or snapchat filter.

Unplug, so you can plug in.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check my phone.



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