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Day 97

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


11:07 AM

6:30 Wake-up

I slept in a little bit today, and for good reason. I'll be driving solo for about 7 hours today and likely getting home pretty late, so I wanted to make sure I am extra well rested. No sense in driving drowsy if I can avoid it.

Some food for thought today from Brian Kight's Daily Discipline, an e-mail list I've subscribed to that provides quality content every weekday morning (click the link up there to check it out).

Today's e-mail struck a chord with me, so I thought I'd share his 3 main points.

1. More courage when you're most afraid

2. More patient when you're most anxious

3. More loving when you're most annoyed

I think I do okay with these ideas, but it takes constant effort and awareness. Improvement in these areas requires a keen sense of self-awareness. I know I fall short in all of these departments, likely more often than I realize, and certainly more often than I'd like to admit, but they already areas that I am intentionally aware of in my daily life.

I don't think any of these skills come automatically, though some personality types might have an easier time employing them than others, they still are skills that have to be practiced intentionally.

All of us will be well served if we can become more aware during times of fear, anxiety, and annoyance and learn to respond with courage, patience, and love rather than react according to our immediate emotion.

While I believe these things to be beneficial on a personal level, I think the real benefactors are the people we impact, encourage, and inspire with our courageousness, patience, and love.



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