• Woody

Day 89

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


9:37 PM

I spent an hour today entertaining Ace and Hope with bubbles. Hope was beside herself with joy, and Ace was racing around like a madman (when isn't he?) trying to pop them all with an assortment of different tools: wiffle ball bat, butter knife, stick, dinosaurs, even a little toy alligator went flying through the air several times trying to pop the ones he couldn't reach.

After putting the kids to be, Sara and Mia and I sat on the living room floor playing a board game for almost 2 hours.

In short, today was a fulfilling day. Quality time spent with the family is limited during baseball season, and I have very much enjoyed spending more time at home over the past couple of weeks.

While making the playoffs would have been wonderful, getting to be with my wife and kids for more of the waking hours takes some of the sting out of it and is more than a sufficient trade.

No words of wisdom today. Just me, loving my family. My cup is full.



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