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Day 88

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


12:47 PM

First things first: Happy birthday to my bride, Sara. I made sure that Ace told her how great she looks for a 25 year old this morning.

Mommy and Mia are at a movie while I am at home supervising nap time. Tonight, Mia will take toddler supervision duties and Sara and I will go on a birthday dinner date to Loma Brewing Company, in Los Gatos.

The Baller Style Wagyu Burger is worth every bit of its $22 price tag. Sara has been craving it since we went there in December for our Anniversary Dinner. Specifically, because she couldn't finish her burger that night and brought it home to eat later. Mia decided it looked yummy and snatched up the leftovers. That didn't go over well.

Also, the craft beer is award winning and delicious, so there's that.

I plan on trying something new tonight, on both fronts.

I had other things in mind to write about today, but I got carried away with birthday and food and beer.

I'll leave you with this:

Try something new today. You might not know what you are missing. By nature, we humans are creatures of habit. And that's okay. But every so often, go outside of your comfort zone, be spontaneous. Give yourself a chance to discover something new and exciting.

Also, don't steal someone's leftovers without permission. You might be stealing the best burger they've ever tasted.

Sidenote: My phone just notified me that someone in Bejing, China is currently on the site reading something...that's pretty cool.

Other sidenote, for baseball enthusiasts: The Loma Brewing Company is owned and operated by former Boston Red Sox star, Kevin Youkilis (and company).

If you enjoy what you're reading and think that it may benefit others, please share. I'm not much of a promoter, and even writing that makes me uncomfortable. Thanks.

Happy Birthday Pretty



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