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Day 83

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


6:37 AM

I really enjoy music. I like music of most I'm laughing at myself, thinking about music that I don't appreciate quite so much. But we won't talk about that, and we certainly won't talk about the generational divide and the tired argument about millennials this, millennials that. Can't we all just get along?

Music. I like most kinds.

I was Raised on Country (Chris Young's new's a fun one), and I definitely got my Honkytonk Attitude from Joe Diffie (listen to the song)...though I probably got most of my Honkytonk attitude from my cousins, Darryl and Dwayne, but I sure do like Joe Diffie. Sara is a huge fan of Joe Diffie's mullet. I might have to grow one now, just to keep her around.

I was also raised on a lot of gospel music and, often, a combination of the two. If you've never heard Randy Travis sing Amazing Grace, you're doing it wrong.

I love to listen. I love to sing. I love to make up my own words. I love to wish I was a better guitar player and could play along. Yes mom, I should've been a better listener when I was 6 and stuck it out on the piano lessons. Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. Didn't. Life goes on.

Ace and Hope get pretty excited when the music comes on. She's starting to sing a long with a couple of them. She especially likes it when the song says baby. Jon Pardi's Night Shift is her favorite (workin on the night shift BABY). Ace's constant favorite is also a Jon Pardi song, Dirt on My Boots. His current flavor of the month is what inspired today's writing.

Some of It, by Eric Church. If you haven't already, click the title to listen. Click here for full lyrics.

The message is a powerful one. I'm not going to break it down in a search for a deeper meaning. I'll just leave you with the chorus.

Some of it you learn the hard way

Some of it you read on a page

Some of it comes with heartache

Most of it comes with age

And none of it ever comes easy

A bunch of it you maybe can't use

I know I don't prob'ly know what I think I do

But there's something to

Some of it

Ace's Guitar...Hope loves it...



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