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Day 82

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


6:19 AM

Shower, coffee, push-ups, write, THEN breakfast (I'm hungry)...If I do breakfast before I write, then the kids wake up, and it becomes far more difficult to maintain a train of thought...thought I don't have much of a train of thought to maintain right now.

I'm staring out the window, listening to the rain drip onto the gutter. There is an uncharacteristic May rainstorm rolling through the Bay Area this week. We might even get some thunder and lightning today. That'll be fun. I hope it's loud! I enjoy violent thunder very much.

I think it's funny when people get mad at meteorologists. Clearly, meteorology is not a precise science. Everything is an educated guess. They do their best, but some weather fronts just can't be tamed.

There is a message in this about character and integrity and the likes, but it's not rolling off the pen as smoothly as I hoped it would.

While there is fun and excitement in spontaneity, if a meteorologist were asked to predict you, what would they say? How accurate would they be?

Are you consistent in your actions and steadfast in your integrity? Are you someone others can count on?

Think about it. The questions that could be posed here are endless.

I think what it really boils down to is an idea that is dated back to ancient Greek philosophy, Know Thyself.

Examine your life.

(Yes, those are wikipedia links, wanna fight about it?)

Do you know who you are?

I am 34 years old (I think), and I am just now starting to truly figure that out.



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