• Woody

Day 81

Updated: Dec 15, 2019


7:09 AM

Happy Saturday.

It's easy to lose your routine on the weekends. And sometimes, that's okay. Just make sure you don't stray so far from the path that you get lost. We can't afford to get lost, we can't afford to take steps backward.

Chop Wood Carry Water, by Josh Medcalf, tells us, "The only thing truly significant about today, or any other day, is who you become in the process."

Every day you get to shape who you are.

In reality, there are no days off in life.

There may be days when the work is less stressful, but each day is a building block that shapes who you will become.

Keep moving forward. Every Day. It's okay to take a detour now and again. Exploration is an important part of the process.

But keep moving forward.



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