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Day 79

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


6:51 AM

I saw a tweet yesterday from Tim Kight, father of Brian Kight. I have referenced Brian's work in previous entries. Tim's tweet said this:

The present is not permanent. Your current reality is not fixed. It is one of life's most important truths: You are able to choose, you are able to change.

This really resonated with me. It applies directly to where my family and i are at in life right now.

My wife and I constantly remind ourselves when something breaks in our crappy over-priced San Jose townhouse, that we won't be here forever.

I make my mission every day to get better. I set out each morning to do great work, to impact, encourage, and inspire others. I strive each day to leave an impression, one that will help me take one step closer to creating a better life for my family.

On occasion, I feel stuck, and it's nice to find reminders like the one yesterday: keep moving forward, keep on trudging (look it up, very descriptive definition), no matter how harsh or undesirable the conditions might be (I genuinely love my job, please don't misconstrue the message).

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. I have a wife and three kids that I know love and rely on me. I don't need any more motivation than that. But the little reminders from outside sources offer added affirmation that persistence and perseverance are worthwhile.

I will continue to choose to do the work, great work, because I know that my current reality is temporary. The great work done today will ultimately lead to a better tomorrow.

Keep on trudging, and smile while you're doing it. You determine your own future.

I drew it myself :)



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