• Woody

Day 74

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


7:22 AM

I'm definitely liking getting going earlier in the morning (that's a lot of ings...) more and more each day. I almost look forward to it, weird. Even my wife is in disbelief.

I spent yesterday golfing with the baseball coaching staff. My short game is brutal. You'd think I would be better, considering that I play at least once a year. Okay, maybe you wouldn't. I really want to be though. Maybe someday...when I practice more than a handful of times a decade.

We sure had a lot of fun. Scores of geese and their goslings enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. There were also some red foxes sneaking around, hoping to find some tasty treats in the carts and bags of unsuspecting golfers.

It was nice to have a day of leisure with the guys.

Take advantage of opportunities for quality leisure time. Enjoy the sights and smells and sounds of nature. Don't let your work or obligations completely consume you.

But be careful if you take your leisure time with a skulk of foxes lurking. Those things are sneaky.



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