• Woody

Day 72

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


6:26 AM

The 5:45 wake-up call was a success...

Full disclosure, I did hit the snooze, but only because the alarm on my phone has some sort of smart sensor that will set it off if it decides I am in between sleep cycles...

That function is now turned off.

I'm up. I'm showered. Coffee is made. I even knocked out some push-ups while waiting for the French Press to steep. I won't call it Day 1 until I'm up at 5, but this is progress. Slow and steady will win this race...accompanied by discipline and willpower.

I'm sure that reading about my sleep habits does not excite many people, but this is a big deal for me (especially considering I laid in bed awake for 3 hours after turning out the lights and closing my book at 10). I had a built in that I have used infinity times, and I chose the other option.

This is a story about commitment to self improvement, about discipline and dedication.

It's too early to say that I'm proud of myself. Let's see where I'm at after another 72 days.

If I can do it, anybody can.

Creating anything of value takes time, especially creating new habits.

Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about something other than my sleep I said, this is kind of a big deal.



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