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Day 7

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


I took step one in the blog plan today. I began to build the site. Before I could even get to the site builder, I was prompted to give the blog a name. I was stuck. Sitting at the computer while the kids ate lunch, I was searching for inspiration. Meaningful conversations felt too pedestrian. While looking at my three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter, I was reminded of a conversation I had years ago at an annual family Bocce Ball gathering with my in-laws. My wife's cousin's husband (my cousin-in-law-in-law?), whose name escapes me right now so it would be a cop out to insert a made up name here in place of his (we figured it out, Nick, sorry), was talking about an idea he had: writing a parenting book. My wife was either pregnant with our 3 year old, or he was 6 months old (I can't remember which year it was), so he was passing out advice. The thought that really caught me was the idea of being enamored and how it applied differently to romantic relationships than it does to our relationships with our children. A Google search for the word enamor defines it as being filled with a feeling of love, followed by a remarkable list of powerful synonyms. As I recalled that conversation, a conversation that I have pondered many times over the last few years, I thought, wouldn't it be great to pursue all of life that way? To be enchanted by my wife, enraptured by my children, captivated by the moment, fascinated by learning and exploring new things, consumed with the desire for more. A world filled with people enamored with life sounds like a pretty great place. Live Enamored.



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