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Day 68

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


This morning, we met the newest addition to our massive family: my sister's daughter Amelia (hopefully we can make a family trip to Seattle to Meet Aleya before she's too big).

It was fun watching the different ways all of the kids interacted with their new cousin, who still only cries and poops and utters the occasional whimper.

After going for a swim, we loaded up and embarked on our 3 1/2 hour journey home.

Everybody slept, and I slapped myself in the face periodically to ensure that I didn't succumb to heavy eyelids behind the wheel.

Upon our arrival home, I pulled out the clippers and shaved my head for the first time in a few months. Hope was not pleased. I had to wear a hat for the rest of the night to keep Hope from becoming hysterical. It was both sad, and amusing at the same time. She was terrified of my new appearance. Hopefully that doesn't last long.

I've been thinking about her reaction on a little bit deeper level.

Changes in outward appearance aren't the only changes that can make a person unrecognizable. Stay true to yourself. Change is inevitable. Make it for the better. Serve others. Be consistent. Constantly self evaluate. Be someone that your friends and family will always recognize.

There will always be some who are headed in different directions and letting go can be difficult. They aren't the ones that need to be able to recognize you.

Also, if you have a 16 month old, and you decide to shave your head, keep a hat nearby.



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