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Day 63

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


Leadership is a service.

I recently stumbled across the following quote:

"If service is beneath you, leadership is beyond you"

Powerful words.

Service takes on many forms. Teaching is a service, so is babysitting, landscaping, and janitorial work, among many other things.

I feel like, too often, so called leaders make their positions about themselves. This seems contradictory to the title to me. Cultish if you will.

Leadership is impossible without followers. a truly impactful leader will make the mission about others. An impactful leader will grow future leaders by teaching and serving others without the expectation of getting credit, even if it means cleaning up somebody else's mess.

Leadership isn't about getting credit; it's about influence. And the greatest influence a leader can have is in transforming the lives of others for the better.

Real leaders serve their people. Real leaders transform lives. Real leaders seek truth and understanding. Real leaders learn and grow. Real leaders give others ownership. Real leaders help others accomplish their goals

Real leaders impact, encourage, and inspire others in a way that provides others with the tools required to lead others to lead others to lead others (times infinity) to lead more fulfilling lives.

Real leaders are helpers.

Real leaders are the champions of the service industry.



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