• Woody

Day 62

Updated: Jun 26, 2019


Pick your battles. Some just aren't worth fighting.

My mother and I have a running dialogue about stupid people. Bill Engvall just hands them a sign. Sometimes stupidity is funny, most of the time it's just downright irritating. And I'm not talking so much about low IQ stupidity, Forrest Gump didn't have a choice, but most of us do.

Stupid presents itself in many ways shapes and forms. And sometimes the battle is necessary so that the stupidity doesn't have a detrimental effect on the rest of the world; because, sometimes, stupidity is contagious and becomes an epidemic.

While you can't fix stupid, you might be able to protect others from it. However, often, a battle with stupid goes in circles and is a waste of everyone's time.

If you are wondering, I was surrounded by stupid tonight (I promise that isn't a hasty judgement, but something that has revealed itself over time). Fortunately, in the end, logic prevailed.

Stupid is as stupid does (whatever that means, thanks Forrest). Don't battle with it unless you have to.

I know this isn't my most positive entry; hopefully it's at least a little bit funny. Sometimes even an optimist needs to vent.

Don't be stupid. Be not stupid instead.



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