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Day 56

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


As another season winds down, I can't help but think about missed opportunities.

We missed an opportunity to advance to the playoffs. We missed an opportunity to have a winning record.

Our best possible outcome is 19 wins and 20 losses with a potential 12-8 finish in conference play which would be good for a 3rd place finish.

The team is young, experienced growing pains early on, but showed flashes of stellar play that shined a bright light on what things could look like in the future.

Ultimately, we underachieved. We missed the mark. We fell short. We missed more opportunities than we took advantage of, and didn't make enough of our own opportunities when it came to winning baseball games.

I'm sure that I missed opportunities as a coach that may have helped lead to a couple more favorable outcomes.

With one game left to play, we will compete to end our season on a high note. Then it is back to the drawing board.

While we underachieved, our season was not a failure. We will return a talented core group of sophomores with a lot of valuable experience as freshman. They will be bolstered by a quality group of incoming freshman who will fill the shoes of sophomores, departing for 4-year institutions, that have left the jersey in a better place. They will have a coaching staff who will spend the entire off season seeking improvement.

Missed opportunities can have a devastating effect in the short term. But in the long term, there will be more opportunities to come, and more opportunities to be made. Success is attained by those who seize opportunities when they present themselves, and make opportunities when there don't appear to be any. Everybody will miss an opportunity or three along the way. Successful people continue to move forward.

Instead of dwelling on past failure, successful people use the lessons learned from failure to create and capture every opportunity they can on their quest to fulfill their purpose.



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