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Day 55

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


Be honest with yourself. Nobody is perfect. Everybody has flaws (even me...mind blowing, right?).

You must be willing to see your flaws if you want to grow to be all that you can be.

There is a difference between being unaware of your flaws and being unwilling to see them. Ignorance vs. Arrogance.

Both are critical flaws (not to mention being aware of your flaws and not caring enough to do anything about them...apathy...I do not address that flaw further in this entry).

A lack of self awareness (ignorance) will limit your ceiling, and you will never maximize your capabilities, unbeknownst to you. Maybe there is some freedom in that, but in my opinion, underachievement is unacceptable.

An exaggerated sense of your abilities (arrogance) will also limit your capabilities, and it might lead to temporary over achievement in some cases. But your fortress will be built on a foundation of sand and will all most certainly crumble in one way or another, leaving you empty and unfulfilled.

The other side of arrogance is a lack of accountability. Failure is met with deflection of fault, and blame is placed on circumstances or other people.

Hold yourself accountable to your own development. Sometimes humility is a tough pill to swallow, but without it, you will be blind to your flaws and incapable of real, fulfilling growth.

Build your metaphorical fortress (and your literal one) on a foundation that is steadfast and strong.

Acknowledge your weaknesses so that you might address them and strengthen them.

Matthew 7:5 reminds us to "...First take the log out of [our] own eye, and then [we] will see clearly to remove the speck from [our] brother's eye."

Be accountable to yourself first so that you might then be able to both be accountable to, and hold others accountable.

Be accountable to yourself, address your own weaknesses so that you might then be in a position to impact, encourage, and inspire someone else to do the same.



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