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Day 54

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


I feel like last nights entry needs further examination.

Showing up, while an essential piece of the puzzle, is only the first piece of a potentially 10,000 piece puzzle.

You absolutely must show up, it's a requirement, but there is a whole lot more to accomplishment than physical presence.

You must show up both physically and mentally.

You must be totally invested in making every minute count.

You must be unwaveringly committed to the end game.

You must trust the people that you've surrounded yourself with to guide you in the right direction

You must have the discipline to ignore distractions that might pull you away from your mission.

You must be willing to try new things and fail magnificently.

You must be resilient enough to get back up and try again.

The struggle is real. Overcoming adversity that mars the path leading to accomplishment begins with showing up, again and again and again. But it ends because of the countless hours of determined work that you do once you arrive: refusing to accept failure as final, refusing to take no for an answer, refusing to quit when the going gets tough.

Keep showing up, you must, but show up with a purpose.

Half-hearted work will get you nowhere.

Brian Kight signs off on each of his daily discipline e-mails that I receive every week day morning with two simple, yet profound sentences.

Embrace the chase. Do the work.



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