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Day 50

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


I subscribe to a blog written by Seth Godin, a popular blogger, author, and entrepreneur. While not everything he writes about is for me, a lot of his ideas are applicable across a broad spectrum of subject matters.

He is a provocative thinker that inspires further thought, often from a viewpoint that, more than likely, you have not considered.

Today, Seth's blog post was a call to make things better.

After reading Seth's blog, I spent my morning thinking about making things better...full transparency, I spend a lot of time thinking about making things better; thus, this blog exists.

Later in the morning, I received a well timed e-mail from Grandpa Woodward. Grandpa's e-mail consisted of this poem.

Good, better, best

Never let it rest

Until the good is better

And the better best

To get better at something first requires the humility to see that there is a deficiency. As mentioned in a previous post, nobody can "get you better." Help and guidance might be necessary - this is why coaches, leaders, and mentors exist - but the onus is on you. You are the one who must do the work that makes the good better and the better best.

Make things better. To do so requires action.



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