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Day 5

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


*names have been changed to protect the innocent

Mary is the mother of a player I am recruiting. She accompanied her son, Joe, to visit our campus today. After they spent the bulk of their visit with the head coach while I was giving private instruction, I had a chance to chat with the two of them for about 45 minutes while Joe, an infielder, watched our infield coach hit ground balls and instruct our players. They are from Peteluma, yeah, I know, Petaluma. We connected over the Santa Rosa "Tubbs" fire (2017) and the Paradise "Camp" fire (2018) as both fires struck in close proximity to members of my family and theirs. We also discussed the recent torrential downpours delivered unto us by the atmospheric river. We talked about the evolution of communication, from pagers to smart phones. Finally, we discussed how far cars have come since I first started driving the 1962 Ford F100 Unibody pickup with three on the tree and Armstrong steering. That led to a discussion about how this generation has very little concept of the manual transmission. I left Joe with two pieces of advice that I assured him would be life changing and potentially, life saving; learn how to drive a stick shift, and come play baseball at West Valley College.



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