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Day 45

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


I just picked Mia up after her adventures in Boston, New York City, and Washington DC, and I really enjoyed her stories of the fun she had on the brief car ride back to the house.

The one she enjoyed telling the most was, however, not at all educational, but no doubt, the one that will live the longest.

On one of her expeditions in Boston, they had a red-headed tour guide with a lisp named...wait for it...Mr. Poope (the e is silent)...poor guy.

There are a few stories from my 8th grade trip that have stood the test of time, but the most memorable is also a story involving poope (no e). The driver of the truck that was emptying the lavatories before our return flight home had a fender bender with the plane. We spent 2 hours on the tarmac, while the side panel was being repaired, and then we waited outside in the Denver snow for the shuttles to take us to the hotel because we had missed our connecting flight. The majority of us were in shorts and t-shirts. It had been a nice and sunny day in New York City the day we left...that was fun.

When Mia and I got home, she started pulling out the souvenirs (that's spelled wierdly...I got it wrong the first time) she returned with. Aside from a sweatshirt from DC, almost everything else was for other people. I'm pretty proud of her right now. I sent her with money to spend on herself, and she spent almost all of it on others. She sure is a special kid with a big heart.

On another note. I did taxes tonight (3 days early I might add!) and that was fun...seriously. Let's just say we will get to say goodbye to our credit card debt and still have some left over after the refund gets here!

I'm going to wait to post this until Mia has a chance to share her story with Sara. I don't want to spoil the tale of Mr. Poope...poor guy.




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