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Day 40

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


Watching my kids learn and develop has been a truly remarkable experience.

Mia is turning into a woman right before our eyes. She is practical to a fault, and having toddler siblings has helped her to (ever so slowly) become more mature and responsible (did I mention ever so slowly...I know, she's 13, and when I was 13, I didn't want to do the dishes and take out the trash and clean the toilets get it). I'm very proud of the young lady she is becoming.

Ace is as sharp as a tack, perhaps sharper, quite possibly a genius...seriously. He'd probably do just fine with the course material if we stuck him in 1st grade tomorrow (he's 3). But he's spend plenty of time in trouble for throwing temper tantrums and fighting any kid who even dared to look at his toys.

Hope, who is 1, doesn't speak fluent English yet, but she is fluent in her own language. I expect any day now, she will be holding court on the back porch, delivering perfectly understandable monologues. I have a feeling she is going to be a little comedian.

It's amazing watching the three of them learn. And it is a constant reminder that I owe it to them to continue to learn myself.

I need to keep learning how to be better at my job, so I can better provide. I need to learn to be a better husband and father and leader so that I can help arm them with the ammunition they will need to succeed in life. I need to learn more general knowledge and useless facts so that I can always be right (joke...but I like being's a blessing and a curse) or win a bunch of money if I end up in the Cash Cab (they're going to have to make a show called Cash Uber before too long).

Learning never stops. Improvement never stops.

As leaders (all of us are, especially parents, whether we like it or not), we owe it to the generations that follow us to never stop learning, to relentlessly pursue new thoughts and ideas.

Learn for life.

Use what you learn to help improve the lives of others.

Your life will improve in the process.

Impact. Encourage. Inspire...and Learn



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