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Day 36

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


I screwed up this evening.

While pulling into the garage with Mia in the front seat, Ace on her lap, and Hope on mine (who needs car seats...kidding, they both ran out of the house when the garage door opened), I got a phone call. I was supposed to be the guy supervising the gym at the college. The doors were supposed to be unlocked in 5 minutes, and I was 20 minutes away. After making several phone calls, I had nobody to bail me out. I got back in the car and booked it across town (with a tupperware containing some delicious tacos that Sara had waiting for me). I was quite unhappy with myself.

I had forgotten to update my calendar with my supervisor dates for the month, and, for the first time in 6 years, I dropped the ball on my supervisor responsibilities. Oops.

The renters treated me with some much needed grace. And I was very thankful for that. Renting the facilities is not cheap, and they would have had every right to be angry with the guy getting paid 45 bucks an hour to unlock the doors for showing up 25 minutes late.

Grace, however thankful I was to receive it, is not my focus here (maybe another time).

I spent my entire drive to the school thinking about excuses I could make, while yelling at every red light I encountered (which, obviously, was all of them). But before I arrived, I became acutely aware that any excuse would be pointless. It was my fault, and it was my responsibility to be accountable for my mistake, to apologize, and to move on.

After unlocking the gym, I checked my e-mail and found one from my grandpa. He recently turned 90, and is one of the few who stay current on my blog posts (thanks, Grandpa). In fact, his email was a response to my response to an original e-mail telling me good job on here (thanks again, Grandpa).

I had asked him via text on his birthday to impart upon me some wisdom he had acquired in his 90 years of life and hadn't heard back, so in my e-mail this week, I asked him again. While I am sure he possesses more wisdom than he let on, his message to me was one that I needed to hear in that moment, as I was still quite ticked off at myself.

"If you make a mistake you can't change the past, but you can learn from the mistake and aim at avoiding it today and in the future."

Thanks again, again, Grandpa, for the reinforcement.

I almost compounded my mistake tonight with an excuse, a mistake I have made many times in the past. I am glad I didn't.

Learn from your mistakes.

Hold yourself accountable.

Excuses are worthless.

Thanks again, again, again, Grandpa.



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