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Day 35

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


Today was a long one! Ace joined me in bed after peeing in his at 3 am. I put him back to bed and got a few more hours of sleep before taking Mia to school.

Sara, Ace, and Hope joined me and the redshirt crew in the weight room for spring break weightlifting.

I threw 500 batting practice pitches give or take (a light day behind the L-screen for me today), followed by 11 innings of baseball. It wasn't pretty, but we emerged victorious.

Then I came home to help Mia study for a history quiz, watched The Blacklist on The Netflix with Sara until she fell asleep on the couch. After that, I got to catch the back end of the Dodgers beating the Giants (I don't get to watch much baseball unless I am the only one awake in the house...maybe they can win the World Series this year...getting there is cool, but come on guys, you're killing me!). Now, as I finish up the journal...I have decided that this won't be typed into the blog until the morning (it's morning...Hope has yogurt infused oatmeal all over her face).

I will do no philosophizing tonight (yes, philosophizing is an actual word...the gerund or present participle form of philosophize...Google It).

My tired hurts. I'm going to bed (and I slept gloriously).

Today was a good day.



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