• Woody

Day 259


Success, by many standards, generally requires that other people notice the work that you are doing and acknowledge its quality.

Doing good work, on the other hand, is not contingent on gaining the attention of an audience.

Success is reliant on good work.

Good work is not reliant on success.

There might be some confusion as to whether the chicken or the egg came first. When it comes to success, it is almost exclusively preceded by good work, which is often preceded by bad work and/or failure followed by consistent refinement.

Sure, gaining the attention of others for the work that you do sounds attractive, but it is probably important that others notice the work because it is good work, or people will pay attention for the wrong reasons.

I mention this because I have found myself paying extensive amounts of attention throughout the day to how many times my posts are viewed, and that is not productive. I have decided to stop doing that, and focus on creating content that will bring value in one way or another.

Yes, I'd love it if some of my writing could capture the attention of a little bit larger audience; however, I need to remind myself that my motivation for doing this is to become a better version of myself daily, while living a life enamored by the world around me.

In that process, I hope to use my experiences to Impact, Encourage, and Inspire others, one person at a time.

Good work doesn't require an audience.

Do good work.

Do good work that matters.

Do good work that matters, consistently.

If its truly good, people can't help but pay attention.



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