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Day 256

Updated: Nov 11, 2019


I've come to the conclusion that if we lived at a playground, there would be less terroristic activity in our home, which means that I'll need to do one of two things: pitch a tent near a playground somewhere, or find a way to be able to afford a home with a yard big enough in which to put our own playground.

Option number 2 sounds better.

As much as I enjoy camping, I don't know that living in a tent permanently is the way to go...though, now that I think about it, that'd be a pretty great way to save up enough money for option 2.

Anyway, I sure do enjoy hanging out with my kids at the playground. It's essentially a meltdown free zone. Ace made 3 friends today, and I enjoyed chatting with one of the dads while the kids ran around. I guess that's the beauty of a public playground. The opportunity for kids to connect with other kids, and adults to connect with other adults going through the same struggles with domestic terrorism.

Maybe we'll build the playground in the front yard and make it open to the public so that all of us still ave the opportunity to meet new people...though there might be some liability issues there with the insurance company.

Also, Hope found her thumb today. She says she got it at Costco...seriously, that place has everything.



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