• Woody

Day 254


What a morning.

I knew we were in for a treat when I heard Ace sneaking down the stairs at 5:40 AM.

I wasn't wrong.

I unsuccessfully attempted to put him back to sleep. There mere mention of that led to tears, which let to waking up everyone else in the house before they were ready.

He spent the rest of the morning a ticking time bomb that exploded every 15 minutes, every time he didn't get his way.

I try to help diffuse the situation, but I am also determined to out stubborn him. I refuse to give into his demands. I don't negotiate with terrorists.

I try my hardest to keep a cool head, but usually after the 10th tantrum of the morning, my patience is worn thin.

I can't let him win. Not because I'm competing with him, I just have no desire to give him the notion that throwing a tantrum is a functional way to get what he wants.

Hopefully this phase doesn't last too much longer. I know he's just acting his age, and I'm committed to loving him through it with all of my heart, but it sure takes its toll on everybody else in the house.

I pray daily that empathy will come soon for our stubborn little man and that he will find a way to find peace a little bit quicker when his nuclear meltdowns commence.

If you could do the same, my family would greatly appreciate it. We sure could use a little more calmness out of our 3-year-old.



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