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Day 251

Updated: Nov 5, 2019


On Saturday, Seth Godin's blog was 3 sentences in length. It was titled, "A year from now..."

It posed 3 questions:

"Will today's emergency even be remembered? Will that thing you're particularly anxious about have been hardly worth the time you put into it?

"Better question: What could you do today that would matter a year from now?"

What a great question to end with.

There is a lot of perspective to be gleaned from these 3 simple questions.

Take a moment to examine what is truly important in your life, and don't let trivial matters interrupt your progress. Spend your time in ways that will be productive in the long game.

The short game leads to short term rewards often followed by long term difficulties.

The long game is certainly more difficult up front, but the long term rewards for facing adversity and overcoming the obstacles it presents are priceless.

And yes, that might be slightly annoying, so go ahead and check out Seth's blog from Sunday titled "Annoyed."



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