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Day 249


I have raved about Brian Kight and his Daily Disciplines multiple times in my writings. My only complaint is that they don't show up in my inbox on Saturdays and Sundays...that's a joke, it's not a real complaint, merely an observation. Good for you taking the weekends off, Brian. It gives me time to review and ponder the excellent material you provide during the week.

After enjoying the note from Monday, I saw on Kight's Twitter his own proclamation:

"Wait for the rest of this week's e-mails! Really think this is some of the best content I've EVER put out."

I couldn't agree more. And I have linked all 5 of them below. They are short and simple and thought provoking, and they are sure to add value to anyone willing to pay attention.

Discipline over Motivation

Execution over Ideas

Production over Perfection

Opportunities over Guarantees

Humility over Ego

I highly recommend joining his e-mail list. His insight is gold.



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