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Day 242

Updated: Oct 27, 2019


This evening was much fun.

After spending all morning and afternoon at the baseball field, I came home to an excited family.

Mia excited for her first high school dance (homecoming; no date; just a group of water polo girls; for all we know).

Woody and Buzz were excited for Fall Fest at our church (Hillside Church, in San Jose).

And Sara was excited for a couple of hours of kid free quiet time at home.

Ace, Hope, and I dropped Mia off at her friend's house to get ready and headed to the church.

First, we went through the Trunk or Treat. The candy wasn't even the main attraction. Each car had its own game set up that the kids got to play before they were given a piece or two or three of candy. Ace also got one of those foam airplanes, and Hope got some play dough...they were pretty excited about those. Most of the games consisted of throwing things at a target or into a hold, and they both love to throw things...I wonder where they get that from? Both impressed the hosts with their strong arms, we'll worry about their accuracy later.

They loved the petting zoo...Ace chased the rabbits, Hope liked the pigs and the llama (maybe it was an alpaca, I don't know the difference) and she was pretty excited about how soft the "doggy" (bunny rabbit) was.

Then came the bounce houses and the playground and smiles and laughter by the truckload.

Then we headed back home to mommy and dinner. I got to read the book tonight and then they babbled together for a while before they eventually went to sleep.

When Sara and I are together, Mommy is who they want to be around most.

It sure was fun to have their undivided attention for a while.

And a hundred more pictures where those came from.



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