• Woody

Day 241

Updated: Oct 26, 2019



(pretty much everything except trips to the bathroom...nobody wants to hear about that)

5 am wake up (or as Ace would say, I waked up)


Did some push-ups (living room floor)

Read e-mails

Cleaned the kitchen

Made some coffee

Did some more push-ups (living room floor)

Read for a while

Hung out with Ace on the couch after he waked up at 6:17 am

Did some more push-ups (living room floor)

Read for a while longer

Did more push-ups (living room floor)

Made a smoothie

More push-ups (living room floor)

Dropped Mia off at School

Drove to work

More push-ups (Floor of my office)

Protein bar

Headed to the weight room for the Friday morning team lift

Finished my 250 push-ups in the weight room (35x6, 40x1)

Did some hip mobility exercises

Ate a breakfast burrito

Drove a van full of guys to Capitola

Had a delicious fruit tart (if you're ever in Capitola check out the Farm...and get a tart)

Coached a baseball game

Scored a lot more runs than the other team

Ate some pizza

Drove the van back to school

Called a buddy while driving home

Made it home in time to pray with Ace and Hope before tucking them into bed

Got Sara a burrito

Sipped some whiskey

Ate some Ice Cream

Wrote this

Today was a good day

And my tired hurts




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