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Day 24

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


I saw a quote somewhere on social media today that struck me.

The stumbling block for the pessimist is a stepping stone for the optimist.

Let that sink in.

I think it's safe to say that I am an optimist. I don't think that being an optimist means that the possibility that bad things may happen is ignored. An optimist expects good things to happen.

When life gets stormy, the optimist knows that there is sunshine around the corner and can weather the storm with positivity, while seeking opportunities to learn how to navigate the next squall more gracefully, more efficiently, and in a more timely manner.

The pessimist expects the worst, and when a problem presents itself, the pessimist's attitude is 'See. I told you so. Doesn't this problem suck?'

While the pessimist is blinded by the problem, the optimist is too busy seeking a solution to be bothered by the problem. When the tempest has dissipated, the optimist is better for it, while the pessimist is convinced that something worse is right around the corner.

Optimists are not oblivious to negativity or the likelihood of bad things happening. They just refuse to be blinded by it, choosing to seek the light in a dark place.

An optimist brings value to others, while a pessimist brings hopelessness and despair and is the thief of joy.

I choose the stepping stone; I choose happiness; I choose Hope (duh, she's my daughter); I choose joy; I choose optimism.

What do you choose?



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