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Day 236


My sister Chérie introduced me to an app that is trying to make the road a safer place. They claim is that you can earn cash while driving without using your phone. So, for the past week, when I get in the car, I queue up The Learning Leader podcast, make sure the OnMyWay app is on, lock my screen, toss my phone on the dashboard, and drive distraction free. Well, sort of.

I try really hard not to be distracted by other idiot drivers, but that is a task that proves daunting at times. And I came within inches of a fender bender while taking Mia to school the other day because Ace was losing his mind in the back seat...and the car in front of me was being driven by an idiot, obviously...I'm sorry, those were not very kind and loving words, and they are definitely not congruent with my overarching message. Please forgive me.

I have earned $28.27 in a little more than a week's time. I'm not sure how I go about redeeming the money at this point, but it's nice to have some added incentive to drive smarter.

Make the road a safer place by putting down the phone while you drive. Download this, and you can get paid for it. OnMyWay



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