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Day 231

Updated: Oct 16, 2019


Just because something is difficult doesn't mean it has to suck. Suck is a label people often put on things that are difficult, challenging, burdensome, inconvenient, etc. Whether or not something sucks is determined by the perspective with which you choose to view it.

Again, this line of thought is inspired by the behavior of my, increasingly difficult to please, 3 year old son. Some days are a nightmare, and by every definition, you might say that they suck. But I feel like that is a label that just perpetuates a narrative of negativity that might make it difficult to remember to appreciate the times when the kids are angels (that has actually happened a time or two).

Sure, Ace is often a giant pain in the ass, but he doesn't suck; he's a 3 year old acting his age.

You have the power to choose your perspective. I choose positive.

Being a parent is difficult enough as it is. Everybody told you it would be, but you can't truly be prepared for it until you're in it. And nobody's advice works because every kid is different.

Embrace the good times. Savor them when they occur. And keep your head above water when the going gets tough, and it will. Learn the art of breathing. When stress starts to build up like a tea kettle getting ready to whistle, sometimes that big deep breathe is the thing that keeps a toddler (or teenager) from being punted across the room. Can I say that? I'm saying that. I'm mostly joking. I promise.

And never forget, you aren't the only one. Somewhere, somebody's child is behaving better or worse than yours. Be patient. Love with your whole heart because love never fails, no matter how difficult the journey.

I promise I will never punt my children

I promise I will never punt my children

I promise I will never punt my children

I promise I will never punt my children...



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