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Day 228

Updated: Oct 13, 2019


I had a nice reminder of why I do what I do today.

The game of baseball brings me great joy. I love the game, and that's why I chose to remain a part of it, pursuing a career as a coach at the collegiate level. But as a coach, the greater joy is found in serving the players that I am so blessed to encounter.

I love observing and hearing the stories of their successes as they move on in life, baseball or otherwise.

Sure, winning brings its own joy, and losing, it's own sorrow. But neither of those outcomes is possible without the players that rely on us as coaches for guidance and direction.

It brings me far greater sorrow when the guidance and direction I work so hard to provide falls short, and it brings me exponentially greater joy when it leads them to a place where they can achieve success, whether on or off the baseball field.

Thanks for stopping by today, Michael. It means an awful lot that you took the time out of your day to stop in and allow me to share in your success. I will wear my Augustana Baseball National Championship hat with pride.

I don't want any credit for anybody's individual successes. I just want to see my people thrive. And I will always do everything I can to help prepare them to carve out their own path to fulfillment.

I'm not here to motivate. Motivation is temporary. I want to be a positive Impact on the lives I am privileged to encounter. I want to Encourage others to believe in themselves. I want to Inspire action. Those things are sustainable.

The possibilities are endless.



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