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Day 227


Ace wants some baby brothers. He has decided that they should be named Gooman and Caffey. And he is pretty adamant about those names. He even has Hope convinced.

I'm sure he will be pretty sad if he ever gets a baby brother because neither Gooman nor Caffey are going to make the list. I wonder what would make him more sad, a baby brother with a different name, or a baby sister.

Next subject. My Auntie Mable, God rest her soul, was a big A. A. Milne fan, and I still have the book of poems she gifted me when I turned six years old. It is called Now We Are Six. The favorite poem from the book in our house is titled, Hoppity:

Christopher Robin goes

Hoppity, hoppity,

Hoppity, hoppity, hop.

Whenever I tell him politely to stop it, he

Says he can't possibly stop.

If he stopped hopping,

He couldn't go anywhere,

Poor little Christopher

Couldn't go anywhere...

That's why he always goes

Hoppity, hoppity,




Anyway, it looks like we're going to need a new car pretty soon. We've been packed into our Mazda CX-5 like sardines. It's a 5 seater, and Mia barely has room to move between the car seats.

While we haven't been to a doctor yet, we don't feel the need to wait the 12 weeks they (there's that infamous they again) tell you that you should wait.

After some deliberation, we thought it would be fun to share it here with everybody all at once.

On Wednesday morning, Clearblue told us that, Now We Are Six (or at least we will be in about 9 months).



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