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Day 223

Updated: Oct 8, 2019


Fun story today. In our house, we used to have doorknobs on all of the bedroom doors.

A couple of years ago, when Ace was about the age that Hope is now (21 months, give or take a few), I got a phone call during practice. Ace had managed to lock himself in his room and couldn't get out. He was hysterical, and Sara soon discovered that the property management group that we rent from hadn't provided us with any keys to the bedroom doors. The door was wedged too tight in the frame to jam something in there to spring the latch, so I told her to go into demolition mode. It took some pounding, but finally that hammer and screwdriver combination did enough damage to free the knob from the door.

One knob down.

Today, for the 2nd time in the past month or so, I got a similar phone call.

Sara was locked out of the master. Only this time, our mischievous little bundle of fun had done it on purpose.

After being told not to play with the lock and not to shut the door, Ace promptly did both of those things (he has a history of doing the exact opposite of what you ask him to do...I'm sure I was never like that...).

Side note, he also has experience locking everyone out of the house. That day, I had to come home from work to let everyone in so that Sara could pick Mia up from school. That was fun, too.

So, after my class, I headed home, scaled the balcony, again, and came through the sliding glass door to unlock the bedroom. I then went immediately to my tool box, grabbed a screw driver, and removed the doorknob. Maybe I should have done that sooner, but, for obvious reasons, my wife and I appreciate having a lock on the door from time to time. But the time was right. I'm not sure the balcony beams can continue to support my climbs for much longer. That's a tumble I'd rather avoid.

Two knobs down.

Mia's doorknob barely functions, so it might as well not exist.

There is a lesson or two to be learned from this story. If your bedroom door locks, maybe you should have a key, in case of an emergency. And, it might be time to start using reverse psychology on the 3 year old. No way that could backfire...



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