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Day 219

Updated: Oct 15, 2019


My son is a domestic terrorist. And I say that entirely out of love. I know those are strong words, but seriously, he terrorizes our domicile.

He's 3 years old, and I constantly get to remind myself, and my wife, that his temper tantrums are totally normal behavior. None of the advice I have read about dealing with the domestic terrorism of a 3 year old seems to work. The only foolproof way to get him to stop is to give in to his demands, and you'd better believe that I can out stubborn him...and that certainly doesn't help.

I am a pretty patient person, but it can be tough to keep your composure when for the third time this morning you are in the midst of a tantrum bordering on 45 minutes of continuous blood curling screams, with no end in sight.

My most successful tactic is to do my best to ignore them, enjoy them (that part can be tricky), and tell him that when he is all done, I will give him all the hugs he needs.

Amidst all that, I wouldn't change a thing. Hopefully he'll grow out of it before too long. Likely, he'll grow out of it right when Hope is ready to grow into it. Which he will probably revel in because it certainly doesn't help matters when Hope pops off during one of his tantrums with, "Bubby cryin again. Bubby bad boy." It's the bad boy comment that really gets his goat.

The joys of parenting certainly come with their own unique struggles. And often, the only solutions to those struggles are patience and love because a 3 year old most certainly doesn't understand logic or reason...neither does the 14 year old for that matter...the 1 year old might be the most logical of the three...she just doesn't know any better yet, I guess.

Patience and love go a long way. Even when dealing with other issues life presents us. A solution will be easier to come by if you operate with a whole lot of patience and a whole lot of love.

So, if someone (especially a 3 year old temper tantrum specialist) is pushing your buttons remember these two things above all else:

Be patient.

Love well.

If you are wondering what is going on at our's probably this.



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