• Woody

Day 214


It is a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning here in California's Bay Area. Fall weather is beginning to arrive. It's quite refreshing to inhale the crisp morning air after a particularly warm summer. And it's nice to be able to sleep without sweating.

I'm headed in to watch some water polo shortly. Mia gets to be a sub for the varsity squad in a tournament today, so that's fun.

I just wanted to take some time to appreciate everything I've been blessed with today, especially the weather that we are privileged to live in here in sunny California, though we pay a pretty penny for it.

Count your blessings, wherever you are. There are people out there with far less privilege who still find a way to be grateful and find joy.

I found myself quite irritated at a handful of drivers, a couple of pedestrians, and my allergies this morning, so I thought it pertinent to spend some time in gratitude. It only took a few minutes for my irritation to wash away and transition into a place of appreciation.

Spend some time in gratitude daily.

Be intentional about it.

Schedule it.

Just a few minutes a day can change your entire outlook.

And I promise, I'm not just making this up.

It's science.

I took this photo in 2015. It might not be from this morning, but it's still pretty cool.



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