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Day 208

Updated: Dec 15, 2019


I finally finished Never Split the Difference, by Chris Voss. Even though it took me just shy of 2 months, it really is a fairly quick read. I failed to make reading a priority for a few weeks in the middle, which is a testament to a lack of discipline on my part, and in no way a testament to the entertainment value of the book. The book is very compelling, it is absolutely entertaining, but more importantly, it contains valuable insights that can be put into practice immediately.

Chris Voss is a former FBI hostage negotiator who has packaged proven hostage negotiation methods into 250ish pages of solid gold. Never Split the Difference is a combination of stories about intense hostage negotiation circumstances as well as actionable strategies that can be used to navigate negotiations in every day life, and it could serve to benefit just about anybody.

Most of us, if not all of us, have been in situations that required negotiation, and I, for one, have always been ill-prepared to haggle...not to mention that I have no desire to haggle. This book does not teach you about haggling. It teaches you how to avoid it, and still get what you want. It emphasizes the value that listening and empathy play during the negotiation process. It provides tried and true methods for "Negotiating as if your life depended on it" (the subtitle of the book.

Whether you are buying a new car, petitioning for a better salary, or trying to lower the ransom demands for a kidnapped loved one (you should probably call the FBI for that one), this book will help you design a proven approach that will allow you to enter into negotiations with confidence that you will walk away a winner.

Next up:

Atomic Habits

By James Clear



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