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Day 207

Updated: Sep 22, 2019


I didn't get the blog updated yesterday, so I'm double posting today.

I did write the material in my journal, but I was wiped and had no desire to turn on the computer.

So, Sara and I went to bed at 9 o clock and got to catch up on some sleep.

I really need to do that more often.

Early to bed makes the early to rise part a whole lot easier.

Late to bed, early to rise over and over again makes a man really exhausted.

I've used the excuse that I need more time to unwind after putting the kids to bed before I'm ready to put myself to bed, and, while that's not entirely false, sometimes I take it too far.

After the kids go to bed, Sara and I curl up together on the couch and watch a show on Netflix, and more often than not, it turns into 2 or 3 shows, Sara falling asleep on my lap, and all of the sudden it's 11 o clock.

It's time for me to exercise some discipline and get to bed so that I don't spend the back half of my week physically and mentally drained.

Goal for the week: get to bed before 10 pm every night, get up before 6 am every morning.

Ready, Go.

PS Don't forget that today was a double post. Check out Yesterday, too! Or don't...whatever



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