• Woody

Day 205

Updated: Sep 21, 2019


Mia had the day off from water polo practice today, so she spent 3 hours finishing up the leaf cleanup in the backyard. The pile of garbage bags is almost as tall as her!

I hope she learned a little bit about hard work...not that the job was exceedingly difficult. But it was a dirty job, and cleaning up dry leaves leads to a lot of sneezing, to which my father and I can attest.

I also hope she learned a little bit about the value of money.

I learned this:

Don't let the leaves pile up in the yard for 2 years.

When you let things pile up, at some point, you're going to have to fill up a bunch of garbage bags before you get to move forward.

Also, if you can avoid it, which we can't, don't have a California live oak in your yard. Those things are messy.



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