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Day 204

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Yesterday, my buddy, David Klein, launched his new business. It's called America Offline. It's been in the beta phase for a while, but now he's going all in.

His goal is to help our children learn how to mindfully manage their use of technology. in a world where tech is ever present and not going away anytime soon.

Because of the internet, smart phones, and other devices it is easier than ever to connect with people worldwide; however, many people are more disconnected than ever from the world that is right in front of them.

Electronic communication is flourishing, while real interpersonal interaction is waning.

It is absolutely an issue with today's young people, but it doesn't stop there. Adults are offenders as well.

I am guilty of it all too often, and you probably are too.

Many of us can't even put them down long enough to do things like driving, which should require our full attention. You can't even drive down the highway without seeing adult after adult paying attention to their phones rather than the road. I can't be the only one who has to honk daily because the car in front of me is still stopped 30 seconds after the light turned green.

This message is directed at myself as much as anybody else.

A call to action:

Let's be mindful of how we use our devices. First and foremost, our kids need us to be good examples. Put your phone down and experience what's happening in the real world. Especially when you are driving.

And check out America Offline. That link will take you to their Go Fund Me page. Make a donation if you feel so inclined. Even $5 bucks will go a long way toward helping increase exposure for a business seeking to bring awareness to an issue that is only going to get more difficult to manage.

Also...your 10 year old doesn't need a cell phone. I promise, they will be fine without one.



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