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Day 196

Updated: Sep 11, 2019


I've been looking into the book publishing process for the children's book I wrote about on Day 188. It's been eye opening. From what I've gathered, unless a writer is fortunate enough to get on with a big, established publishing house, publishing a book is an expensive endevour.

It sounds like it will cost several thousand dollars up front. I don't have an extra several hundred dollars, let alone an extra several thousand right now, so I don't know that I'll have any books published in the foreseeable future, unless my financial situation changes dramatically...or I write something really awesome. Maybe I'll get lucky and one of the publishing titans will be interested.

I was on the phone with a publishing consultant this morning talking about my book and my inspiration and my ideas, and he said something that made my heart smile.

"It sounds like your primary motivation is to leave a legacy for your children."

He couldn't be more right. In every decision I make, my first thought is about how it will effect my family.

I think that every father wants to leave a legacy for his children. Often, that translates into something financial. That would be wonderful. I would love to be able to leave some financial blessings behind for my kids. But, more importantly, and far more valuable, I want to leave a legacy of love.

I want them to always know how much their presence in my life has brought joy in abundance and redefined, to me, the meaning of love...even if they are terrorists 49% of the time. It's totally worth it.

Becoming a husband and a father are, without an ounce of doubt, my two greatest accomplishments.

I will publish a book some day, and I don't know when that day will be, but in the meantime, I'm going to get to find a way to manufacture at least one copy of Ace's ideas about what he's going to do when he's a big kid like daddy.



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